The Leadership Challenge®

The Leadership Challenge is based on the five practice of extraordinary leader. Through 360 Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI), the participant will understand clearly about their strength & weakness of their leadership, and start from there to improve their leadership. 

Five Practices of Extraordinary Leaders ™ 
Created by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner in the early 1980s and first identified in their internationally best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors. After conducting hundreds of interviews, reviewing thousands of case studies, and analyzing more than two million survey questionnaires to understand those times when leaders performed at their personal best, there emerged five practices common to making extraordinary things happen. The Five Practices are: 

The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) instrument is an essential tool to help you gain perspective into how you see yourself as a leader, how others view you, and what actions you can take to improve your use of The Five Practices, which research has demonstrated, year after year, make for more effective leaders. 

Leadership Development Journey:

Course Outline

Module 1:Introduction: Orienteering 
  • Welcome & introduction
  • Personal Best Leadership Experience sharing
  • Get ready on the journey
  • Name and describe the Five Practice of Exemplary leadership 
  • Use your leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) feedback to identify the leadership behaviors in which you are strong and those in which you need to become more effective
  • Reflect on your own LPI assessment
  • Create “Encourage the heart” culture
  • Recap 

Module 2:The Leadership Practice 1 – Model the Way
  • Discussion: your current leadership challenge
  • Introduce Model the Way 
  • LPI assessment about “Model the Way”
  • Traits of Admired leaders
  • Clarify the value & commit to it
  • Value exploration:value card sorting
  • Turn the value into action
  • Align action with your value, set the model

Module 3: The Leadership Practice 2: Inspire the Shared Vision
  • Introduce “Inspire the Shared Vision”
  • LPI assessment about this practice
  • What’s vision?
  • 5 characteristics of vision
  • Envision the ideal & unique future
  • Align value, credibility and vision
  • Breath the life into your vision
  • Discuss your vision and take action

Module 4:The Leadership Practice 3: Challenge the Process
  • Activity: Challenge the status quo
  • Video: Challenge
  • LPI assessment about this practice
  • Use the outsight
  • Take risk, and then learn from mistake
  • Take one step at a time
  • Activity: Building the tallest tower

Module 5:The Leadership Practice 4: Enable Other to Act
  • LPI assessment about this practice
  • Powerful vs. Powerless
  • One leader who strengthens others
  • Develop competence – FLOW model
  • Experiencing collaboration

Module 6: The Leadership Practice: Encourage the Heart 
  • Introduce the practice
  • LPI assessment about this practice 
  • A meaningful recognition
  • Four essentials of Encourage the Heart
  • Creative recognition on site

Module 7: Making Commitment
  • Introduce about this module
  • Conversation about vision and value
  • Commitment and improvement
  • Personal development goals and plan for conversations with teams/ Managers
  • Celebrating our accomplishment
  • Workshop closing

Course Information   

CourseTimeStandard PriceEarly-bird PriceFee includesLocation
Workshop2023/4/13-14RMB11,800RMB11,000Workshop, LPI Assessment, Lunches, Tea Breaks, CertificateShanghai
Workshop+TTT2023/4/15-16RMB37,800RMB36,000Workshop, LPI Assessment, Facilitator's Guide, Lunches, Tea Breaks, Certificate
Workshop2023/8/17-18RMB11,800RMB11,000Workshop, LPI Assessment, Lunches, Tea Breaks, CertificateShanghai
Workshop+TTT2023/8/19-20RMB37,800RMB36,000Workshop, LPI Assessment, Facilitator's Guide, Lunches, Tea Breaks, Certificate
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