Talent Review & Development

In order to ensure development in the future, an organization needs to have sufficient talent resources. In order to ensure sustainable growth in the future, when developing talent, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Immediate needs - to improve organizational management and performance
  • Strategic needs - for future recruitment, development and enhancement of competitiveness
  • Personal needs - meet personal needs for growth and challenge

We will conduct in-depth research and understand client's strategy, business and talent requirements thoroughly. We will analyze key positions and their requirements based on based on capability models, match personnel analyze gaps in between. We will establish a talent management system based on current situation in order to meet the development needs of individuals. We will recruit the right personnel, properly manage their performance, map their career development, and develop them through different methods.

  • Clarify current and future needs, as well as personal needs
  • Identify the gap between
  • Establish a system for training and development
  • Identify talent
  • Design development activities and training programs
  • Follow up development activities and implement training programs
  • Succession planning