Systematic Coaching

Systematic Coaching is a systematic training and certification copyright program created by HeadStart Consulting. It demonstrated the Principles, Strategy and Wisdom of coaching by combining both eastern and western achievements in coaching. It fully embodies the effective integration of theory and practice, enabling the learners to master the essence of the coach and flexibly apply it to all aspects of work and life, and perfectly integrate being state and doing practice. For learners who wish to obtain ICF professional coach accreditation, this program can provide "Accreditation Direct Train" support. Namely it provides all-round support based on the requirements of ICF accreditation, including mandatory training hours, mentor coaching, actual coach hours, online application, online test, oral test etc. The program certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as Level 2 Accredited Program.

Course Objectives:
  • Develop & cultivate professional coaches with confidence and competence, thus to help the clients to exert their potential completely
  • Understand coaching presence and live up the coaching state
  • Understand the importance of coaching, master coaching process, tools to improve coaching capabilities & competence
  • Inspire and motivate the client to reach the expected outcome
  • Coach by Example, and reach self fulfillment

Systematic Coaching consists of two parts, totally four modules:

Systematic Coaching includes 3 modules: Being, Doing and Having, with 5 days for each module, totally 15 days, 128 contact hours of face-to-face classes. 

Systematic Coaching Module 4 aims to develop ICF accredited PCC level coaches, while ACC and MCC are also can be applied. It includes 4-day classroom training and 3 to 6 months of mentor coaching (at least 10 sessions) totally 48 contact hours, which meets the requirements of International Coach Federation (ICF) Level 2 Accredited Program.

Module I: BEING The Principle of Coaching

You will understand the Systematic Coaching fundamentals, including coaching principle, coaching position, and coaching competencies, developing the foundation for solution focused coaching conversations, creating the structure for a compelling vision. This module aims to provide the coaching principle, necessary theory & practice for you to conduct a basic coaching session and provide clarity and focus for your client.
  • Understand Systematic Coaching
    • What Is Coaching?
    • What's the differences of coaching, counselling, consulting, training, and mentoring?
    • Overview of Systematic Coaching Model
    • Creative Coaching Process
    • Overview of ICF 8 competence – get started right
  • Coach, client, and coaching relationship
  • Coaching Position
  • The principle of coaching
  • Build rapport and trust
  • Master 3 levels of listening
  • Master Powerful Questions
  • Direct Communication
  • Enrich communication through VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)

Module II: DOING The Strategy of Coaching

This module provides you with an expansive set of tools to dig deeper into the“How”,to explore and experience creative solution during coaching session. This is where we find answers to your client’s question “How shall I achieve my goal?” You learn how to assist your client to design the strategies and solutions for their own personal objectives.
  • Establish a coaching agreement
  • Long term coaching contract
  • Create awareness and release potential
  • Structured Outcome Frame
  • Balance Wheel
  • Disney Strategy
  • Logical Level Exploration
  • Five Perception Position
  • Unlock limiting believes and turn them into liberating believes
  • Mentor's Table
  • Six-step Re-framing
  • Install a powerful anchor

Module III: HAVING The Wisdom of Coaching

This module will help you to learn what underpins all great transformations and align the core value, integrate the wholeness and oneness both as a coach and help your client to achieve it. A clear awareness of core values and how to link these to personal goals results in a new level of personal leadership for your clients. Also it provides the shared and experiential application of all skills and tools at multiple levels. You leave with a deep knowledge of coaching and real means to assist and empower your clients to move forward in alignment with their values and effect lasting and meaningful change.
  • Value exploration and clarification
  • Belief
  • Coaching Emotion
  • Meta Program
  • Design Actions
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Managing Progress & Accountability
  • SUCCESS Model

Module IV: Journey to Coaching Mastery

This module is designed to help you build up the confidence to be a coach or a coaching leader and develop your competence to a much higher level as a coaching. It is also to make sure your coaching meets the standards of the ICF. With successful completion of Module IV, you will be able to confidently apply directly to the ICF for your ACC (Associate Certified Coach) or PCC (Professional Certified Coach) accreditation.

Module 4 Includes:
  • 4-day training on 8 coaching competencies by ICF
  • 10 mentor coaching sessions with a PCC or Master Certified Coach (MCC)
  • PCC markers & standards
  • ICF competencies level – Dos & Don’ts
  • Complete and celebrate ICF Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP) program
  • 2 oral assessments for ICF ACC or PCC Application

Upon successful completion of Module IV to apply directly to the ICF for your Associate Coach Certificate (ACC) or Professional Coach Certificate (PCC).

Who Should Attend?

  • CEO, GM, business leaders, entrepreneur, top management team
  • HR & OD professional, trainers, coaches, and consultants
  • Anyone wishing to improve his/her leadership and team performance, balance life and work and make breakthrough

Language: Chinese and English

Time & Venue

Systematic Coaching The Principle, Strategy & Wisdom of Coaching

Session 25
Session 26

Module 1 Being
Module 2 Doing
Module 3 Having
Journey to Coaching Mastery
Module 4 Mastery

Program Investment

Module 1-3 Being, Doing, Having: Standard price RMB 56,800 / Person, early bird price RMB 54,800/Person (including 15 days on-site training, training materials, lunch, tea Break. 6%VAT should be added if invoice needed)

Module 4 Coaching Mastery: Standard price RMB 30,800 / Person, early bird price RMB 29,800/Person (including 4 days on-site training, 10 mentor coaching sessions, training materials, lunch, tea break. 6%VAT should be added if invoice needed)