Participant Enrollment Agreement

Section I: Introduction

This agreement is made by and between HeadStart Consulting Co., Ltd., located at Level 42, CITIC Square 1168, Nanjing West RoadShanghai 200041 China, and all prospective Participants.  It outlines the terms and conditions for student enrollment.

Section II: Purpose

The Participantenters into this agreement for the purpose of undertaking education in the pursuit of the professional coach training.

Headstartenters into this agreement for the purpose of providing the materials, instruction, and guidance to deliver the educational value of the Systematic Coachingfor which the Participanthas applied.

Section III: Terms of Enrollment

Headstartand the participantagree to be bound by terms, policies, and procedures as outlined in the Headstartcatalog, policy manuals, and other such documents as may apply.

This agreement binds Headstartand the participantto the terms and conditions in force as of the day of your enrollment.  Such terms and conditions may be altered only by mutual consent.

The participantwill become enrolled in Headstartand will gain access to Headstart’s programming and resources. The participantagrees to participate with Headstartin the development of an professional coach.

Headstartagrees, upon fulfillment of the completion of full training plan, to award the certificatefor which the participantsapplied.

Section IV: Payment/Fees policy

Upon completion of the Systematic Coaching,the participantshall undertake the courses, mentoring and evaluation, necessary to fulfill the program’s requirements.

The Participantsshall bear the cost of tuition, mentoring andreview fees(if needed). Financial incentives are provided when a participantchooseto pay the tuition in full 60days earlier for his or her time of enrollment.

Headstartshall publish its current tuition and fees at its

Costs of course books, materials, and learning resources associated with the Systematic Coachingshall be borne by the participant. 

Section V: Cancellation & Refund Policy

By completing the registration for a sessionand making a payment of full or installment fee, the participantsagree to the following terms and conditions:

Should any In-personcourse be canceled after registrationand 20days before the course starting date– administrationfee of 25% of the course will not be refunded; the balancewill be refunded. It’snot eligible for any refund if the request for cancellation less than 20daysbefore the course starting date. 

Headstartreserves the right to cancel a course if number of participants have not reached the minimum required to run the course effectively. The company also reserves the right to cancel ifanyunforeseen circumstance which disables a safe training environment. In that case,wewill either arrange for an alternative course date or offer a full refund of the fee paid.

If the participants need to postpone the course, no matter partially completed or not started, it does not cost anything for making the changes if the participants inform us 10days before the course starts.

This policy is not applied to the online course. 

Section VI: Partial Completion 

Participants may request partial complete the program under below conditions:

The participantmust contact the instructor and get approval and confirm the completed training hours. If more than 60 hours may request a partial complete certificate.   

Section VII:  Acceptance of Agreement

When the participants enroll the Systematic Coaching, they will fillthe online registration form.To agree to the terms in this Participant Enrollment Agreement, you will proceed to click on the “Submit” button on the bottom of said page. By submitting theregistration information, you are affirming your acceptance of this ParticipantEnrollment Agreement.

Section VIII:  Transfer of Credit Policy

Credit for the training hour at Level 1 may be transferred when the participants want to advance next level. Once the participant shows the certificate of completion of previous level. If the participant’s education is from other coaching training organization, theDirector of Education from HeadSartmust approve its acceptability and its appropriateness to thedegreeaccording to the course content. An performance evaluation may be needed.

Section IX: Illness policy

When a participantmisses class (or is unable to sign in to theonline class) due to illness, the participantmust contact the instructor as soon as possible. If he/she wants to make up missed class or assignments, the student may contact the registrar and coordinator to check the next session time.