Leader As Coach

This 2-day workshop aims to work with team leaders of your organization in learning coaching concepts and skills as an effective way of growing, nurturing and retaining competent and potential team members within the organization and where individual performance and productivity will be in alignment with organizational direction and goals.

Here, the leader does not act as an internal corporate coach, but rather he/she uses the coaching tools to help employees realize their full potential in coping with expectation of the business.

This adaptive approach to leadership allows leaders to develop and maximize the talent potential embedded within the organization.
This course will show you, the managers and leaders, how to effectively blend Solution Focused coaching techniques with your leadership style...so that you can help your people excel...and when your people excel, you excel!

Course Objectives

This workshop will increase your abilities to: 
  • Understand what is coaching all about it
  • Understand the coaching framework & benefit of coaching
  • Understand and explore your potentials and others as well through coaching
  • Master the tools to coaching for excellence in your life and workplace
  • Take a coaching position in working with others on their goals 
  • Work well with process and task issues in a structured manner 
  • Shifting from “problem focus” to “solution focus”.
  • Enhance coaching skills, lead as a coach, thus to improve performance in the end. 
  • Coach by example & reach self-fulfillment in the future.
  • Become a coaching leader in the team and organization.
  • Begin the discussion on ways to nurture a coaching culture in the organization

Course Information

  1. June 3-4, 2019
  2. October 17-18, 2019

Location: Shanghai

Standard price: RMB 9,800;Early-bird price (60 days ahead): RMB 8,800(including 2 days' training, course materials, lunches and tea breaks.6%VAT should be added if invoice need.)