HeadStart Organization’s Complaint/Grievance Policy

The Complaint/Grievance Policy is based on the shared values and our mission and vision.Each member of the Systematic Coachingcommunity, whether student, faculty, or staff holds himself or herself to the highest standardsto the shared values.

Definition: A formal student complaint/grievance is defined as a signed statement written by a student alleging discriminatory, arbitrary, or improper treatment.


A formal student complaint should be submitted within 10 days of the event causing concern to the relevant course coordinator, instructor, observer, mentor, Performance evaluation reviewer or director of education. The statement should include:
  • a factual description of the complaint or dispute resulting in the grievance;
  • names of persons involved if any;
  • a brief description of all informal attempts at resolution; and
  • any other information that the student believes to be relevant to the complaint.
In addition, thestudent may contact the CEOat any time in the formal complaint/grievance process. The CEOmay communicate with relevant faculty or the enrollment managementteamregarding the complaint. 

Documentation of Complaint Response: The faculty or staff responding to the complaint should document the details as below and submit this document to the CEO:
  • The date the complaint was formally submitted
  • The nature of the complaint
  • Steps/action taken to resolve the complaint

The formal process established here is not meant to supplant attempts at resolving complaints through informal discussion, though there are no circumstances under which a formal complaint/grievance must be settled informally. Whether settled informally or formally, the grievance process should move expeditiously without sacrificing the integrity of the process. Nothing in this policy should be construed to impinge upon the responsibilities of any other policies. Moreover, no action may be taken with respect to a formal complaint/grievance that would conflict with a local law or regulation.