Internal Coach Pool & Coaching Culture Build-up

A coaching culture exists in an organization when a coaching approach is a key aspect of how the leaders, managers, and staff engage and develop all their people and engage their stakeholders, in ways that create increased individual, team, and organizational performance and shared value for all stakeholders. HeadStart provides the following projects to help organizations build up internal coach pool and coaching culture:
  • Internal coach training and development
  • Coaching culture build-up
  • Leader as Coach workshop
  • Corporate coach training, including leader as coach, group coach, organization health coach

3 Pillars of Coaching Culture

  1. Coaching Strategy
  2. Alignment with organizational culture change
  3. Coaching infrastructure

7 Steps towards coaching culture

  1. Develop external coaching provision
  2. Develop internal coaching capacity
  3. Leaders actively support coaching endeavors
  4. Develop team coaching and organizational learning
  5. Embedded in HR & performance management processes
  6. Coaching becomes the dominant style of managing
  7. Coaching becomes how we do business with all our stakeholders

Overview of Coaching Culture Development

Phase I:  Coaching Leader Development
  • Leader as coach (3+1+1 days)
  • Executive coaching
  • On-going practice
  • Follow-up with 1 on-1 & group coaching (2 times)
  • Best practice sharing 
  • Duration: 4 months

Phase II: Coaching team toward a cohesive team
  • Team Assessment 
  • 5 Behaviors of Cohesive Team workshop (3 days + 0.5 to 1 day team coaching per month to follow up to develop the team & team coaching competence
  • On-going practice
  • Duration: 6 months

Phase III: Coaching towards organization health & advantage
  • Organizational health assessment
  • Organization health workshop
  • Road map of organization health break down
  • On-going practice
  • Duration: 1 year