About HeadStart

Established in April 2004, HeadStart Consulting is dedicated to providing leadership development, coaching, corporate health consulting and assessment products to international and local companies. With its headquarters in Chicago, HeadStart always keeps up with the latest trends in related fields - ensuring that they have the expertise to cope with the ever-changing needs of clients in the global market.

HeadStart uses its expertise to help clients release their potential and maximize their performance and to enable them to maintain their competitive advantages and sustainable growth in today's dynamic environment. With years of experience, HeadStart is committed to assisting individuals, teams and organizations in their development in order to achieve their highest vision.


Through providing leadership development, coaching and professional consulting, we help our clients release their potential, develop their capabilities, achieve their goals, and gain sustainable competitiveness.


Being a reliable strategic partner, we are committed to enabling individuals, organizations and the society.

Why HeadStart?

1.With our in-depth understanding of the market, we can combine the most cutting-edge theories of the world with actual situations of corporations.
2.We have experienced lecturers, consultants and coaches in China and abroad to ensure high quality delivery and client recognition.
3.We provide customized integrated solutions and co-create with our clients based on real cases, with follow-up on the implementation, in order to enable our clients and truly be their strategic partners.
4.Our original hybrid learning style consists of 6 steps ensure the implementation of learning:preliminary assessment, workshop,  action learning, coaching, practice sharing and reflection.

What We Do